Our dream is to liberate the mind’s eye of youth, to motivate the antecedent generations to discover life science of phantasmagoria, and renovate society’s prospect so that the nation may realize the importance of phantasm to society.
The apparition is impelled by a stratagem of no less than nationwide, continental, and dimensional communist agenda’s. Its rational aspects include scientific edification encouragement to audience protocols to make elevated goals for pedagogic triumph, Ghastly initiative for professors, apprentices and civilians of earth, ingenious outreach to apprentices and adults straightforwardly, and an passionate focal point on enlisting into the field of study individuals who do not currently contribute.


Research Institution of Phantasmagoria is the prevalent institution of advanced erudition in the world, helping more than 1 million residents in the U.S.. The Phantom connection curriculum will help to supply edifying opportunities throughout the extravagant institute.




仁木 陽子 記者 on e-tsuyama.com

Instrument: Keyboard

Elijah began his musical journey on the synthesiser. During the summer of 2010 he shifted his attention to the piano. In the following November, he started playing at Ethos. Elijah likes to play fast paced songs, and enjoys Jazz and Classical music. Elijah is good at composing with emotion and has done two live performances.

Likes: Melodic music, doing healthy things and cooking his own food.
Dislikes: Scrambled eggs and watching too much TV (because it conflicts with him playing Piano).
Influences: June Otta and Ta music.

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